The Unofficial Tara MacLean Website
Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about Tara MacLean? Hopefully I have the answer...
Q. Where can I send fan mail?
A. Fan mail can be sent to:
Tara MacLean c/o
Nettwerk Productions
1650 W. 2nd Ave.
Vancouver, BC
V6J 4R3

Q. I loved "Silence"! When is her next album due?
A. Tara's new CD "Passenger" was released in Canada on October 26th, 1999 and in the US on February 29th, 1999.

Q. What is the correct pronunciation of MacLean?
A. It's pronounced "McLain". Hear her say it here. (241KB .wav)

Q. What is in the trunk of the car in the "If I Fall" video?
A. I don't know. There is a contest going on where people guess what's inside. Rumor has it that Tara will reveal it's contents in her next video.

Q. Does Tara have a boyfriend/fiancee/husband?
A. Tara MacLean is married to Vancouver guitarist Bill Bell. He can be found on albums such as Tom Cochrane's "Songs of a Circling Spirit".

Q. Where can I get the song "Pacing the Cage" that appeared on the Bret Hart special?
A. Unfortunately this song has not been released on CD anywhere.  There's a new "Wrestling with Shadows" CD, but it does not include that particular track.  For the time being, guess we'll just have to watch the workout scene and the end credits over and over.  ;)

Q. Who is the drummer that's touring with Tara and Bill right now?
A. The drummer's name is Blake Manning. He's been a good friend of Bill Bell for many years.