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02/18/2002 Congratulations Tara and Bill! Their daughter, Sophia Madrien Soleil Bell was born on December 19th at 4:24 p.m. She was 8 pounds, 9 ounces, and 21 inches long. Pictures area available at the official Tara MacLean site in the diary section.

01/15/2001 Not a lot's been going on... I'll update as necessary. In the meantime, thanks to everyone who made this site what it is today, an awesome archive of information for Tara fans everywhere. You have any questions or comments, you can write to me at stevenplin at

04/24/2000 Thanks go out to Wayne for sending in some of the missing lyrics. As you can tell, I haven't updated in a while.

Tara will be appearing on Conan O'Brien singing backup for Dido on April 28th (this Friday). Set your VCRs, unless you plan on being home on Friday night. :) I may have a RealVideo version up after it airs...

03/01/2000 Sorry I missed yesterday's update. As most of you know, Tara's new album Passenger is now available in stores! Capitol has been pushing it really hard in trade magazines, so let's hope it does well.

02/21/2000 This site is now accessible via

I made some changes to the links and FAQ pages. Nothing major... I'm thinking of adding concert reviews to the site, any feedback on this?

02/08/2000 Just updated the discography with "A Christmas to Remember" and a pic of the "Teaching Mrs. Tingle" soundtrack.

02/08/2000 Okay folks, fire up your modems and download a TON of new video clips in the Real Video format in my multimedia section. Special thanks go out to Hanson who was kind enough to compile the tape and send it out!

Oh, I don't know what's in the trunk (I've only seen the video once.)

10/28/1999 Whew, missed a few days there.  Anyway, just to let everyone know, the new album "Passenger" is out in Canada RIGHT NOW.  For all those that want to wait, it'll be released in the United States on Feb. 29th.  Tara will be doing her promotional tour in 11 markets starting in January and continuing through February.

Also, here are the new lyrics to Jericho.  Thanks to Jessica for the update!

10/21/1999 Nettwerk has put up preview clips from "Passenger" up on their web site. Check it out! I've added the album cover to the discography section. I kind of dropped the ball on the latest Tara TV appearances, but I should have those up in the multimedia section once I get my hands on the tape. More news to come late tonight...

10/03/1999 Finally, Tara's going to start appearing live on a regular basis again! She will be opening for Kim Stockwood on the following dates:

  • 10/24 St. John's, NF Canada TBA
  • 10/25 Labrador, NF Canada TBA
  • 10/26 Grand Falls, NF Canada TBA
  • 10/28 Gander, NF Canada TBA
  • 10/29 Stephenville, NF Canada TBA
  • 10/30 Cornerbrook, NF Canada TBA
  • 11/01 Toronto, ON Canada, First Canadian Place-Waterfall Stage (12:15 and 1:15 pm)
If you see Tara on the 25th, make sure you wish her a Happy Birthday!

08/29/1999 Well folks, the word is out. Tara's new CD will be released on October 26th in CANADA. Fans in the states will have to hold on till JANUARY. I'll post information on getting the import from somewhere when it becomes available.

08/23/1999 Okay, this is late, but Tara's shooting her new video in Los Angeles today and tomorrow, if you're near these locations, check it out!

  • Aug. 23 7:00-13:00 17330 Pearlblossom Hy
  • Aug. 23 13:00-19:00 Ave J, 200th St. E 1 mile in each direction
  • Aug. 24 7:00-13:00 Ave G, 200th St. E 250th St. E
It's most likely the video for "If I Fall". Can anyone e-mail me with a description of these locations? Thanks to Myra for providing this great info!

08/17/1999 The "Teaching Mrs. Tingle" soundtrack should be on store shelves now! The song "At Seventeen" is a cover of the Janis Ian song.

08/10/1999 The track listing for "Passenger" is up in the discography section. I have also updated the lyrics page to reflect this new information.

08/08/1999 Thanks to Angeljlr I have put up the lyrics to "Divided" and "If I Fall" in my lyrics section. Both of these songs are available on the Lilith Fair sampler and "If I Fall" can also be found on the Teaching Ms. Tingle soundtrack, which has just been added to the discography section.

Also, I have a correction on the Tara in-store in Edmonton. It will be held at the West Edmonton store, not downtown. Sorry about that.

07/19/1999 Passenger has been delayed until October 26th. :( The album was only completed about a week ago and the record company usually likes to have 3-4 months of set up time.

06/25/1999 Hey folks. Tara's going to be doing some in-store performances in the Tommy Hilfiger departments of the following stores from noon-1pm. Let's see if we can fill these places up!

  • 8/26 Dillard's Oak Park in Kansas City, MO
  • 8/28 Foley's Park Meadows in Englewood, CO
  • 8/31 The Bay- West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton
Also, the record release date has been moved to September 14th, but Tara will appear on the Teaching Mrs. Tingle Soundtrack to be released in August.

06/06/1999 Thanks to Erin I now have the lyrics for Settling, Jericho, and Passenger up in the lyrics section!

FYI: The new album is entitled Passenger.

05/26/1999 Tara's new album will be released on August 23rd, 1999! Wohoo!

Here's a list of when Tara's going to appear at Lilith Fair:

  • Thurs. August 26th: Sandstone Amphitheatre, Bonner Springs, KS
  • Sat. August 28th: Fiddlers Green Amphitheatre, Denver, CO
  • Sun. August 29th: Filldlers Green Amphitheatre, Denver, CO
  • Tues. August 31st: Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton, AB
Hope you can catch her if she shows up in your neighborhood!

I also added the album My Sister Sings to the discography section.

05/25/1999 My thanks go out to Monica for figuring out the lyrics to Settling. I posted the lyrics in, of all places, the lyrics section.

04/16/1999 Added the "Nomad Music Collection" to the discography section.

04/16/1999 Hope everyone remembered to mail in their taxes! Here's some info after a long hiatus:

Tara has finished recording her new album and has now gone into mixing. Expect it sometime in August!

Also, apparently Tara has just wrapped up shooting a role on a sitcom called "Good and Evil". Tara plays a signer who sells her soul to the devil.

Finally, click here for a scan of Tara appearing on the cover of Elm Street Magazine. I'll try to get a transcript of the article. Thanks to Steve Ito for all this great info!

02/28/1999 Added a link to Rich B's Tara page that has Real Audio of Tara's appearance on KCRW's "Morning Becomes Eclectic"

01/19/1999 Click here for a scan of Tara's picture in Vogue magazine. I know the file size is pretty big, I'll work on compressing it a little more later.

12/26/1998 I just added "Pacing the Cage" to the lyrics section. It appeared on the A&E special "Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows". So far it isn't on any CD, but I'll keep everyone updated. I also added "Due South: Volume 2" to the discography section. Sorry it took so long.

12/6/98 Okay, all three parts of Tara on Vicki Gaberau Live! are up in the multimedia section!

06/29/98 No, I didn't die. As some of you may or may not know, I'm moving from Ohio to San Francisco, and subsequently haven't had time to do much web work. Rest assured, I'm sitting on some Tara content but I won't be able to put it up for at least the next two weeks. It includes scans from Tara's apperance in Vogue and a few new RealVideo clips.

Also, big changes are in store. This site will be moving to a domain that I'm creating called It will focus on Canadian artists such as Tara MacLean and Sarah Slean. I'm not sure of the exact date of the move, but the two sites will exist simultaneously for a short time so that everyone can update their bookmarks.

Thanks to everyone for being so patient in this time of chaos. Those of you who are new to Tara that have seen her at the recent Lilith Fair appearances, welcome! I hope that everyone will continue to visit to get the latest information on Tara MacLean!

04/17/98 I just added the Lilith Fair and 30 Hour Famine CDs to the discography section.

Here are the tentative Lilith Fair dates/venues that Tara will be appearing at this summer:

  • 6/19 Portland, OR @ Porland Meadows
  • 6/20 George, WA @ The Gorge Amph.
  • 6/21 George, WA @ The Gorge Amph.
  • 6/23 San Francisco, CA @ The Shoreline Amph.
  • 6/24 San Francisco, CA @ The Shoreline Amph.
  • 6/26 Del Mar, CA @ Del Mar Fairgrounds
  • 6/27 Los Angeles, CA @ The Rose Bowl

04/08/98 Just a few more performances to add:

  • 4/23 Salt Lake City, UT DV8 with Lisa Loeb
  • 5/09 Ottawa, ON Canadian Tuilp Festival
  • 5/23 Victoria, BC Harbour Festival with Jann Arden

04/07/98 Update on upcoming performances. Welcome back to the east coast Tara!

  • 4/27 Chicago,IL House of Blues
  • 4/28 Detriot, MI Royal Oak Music Theater
  • 4/29 Tornoto, ON The Government
  • 5/01 Boston, MA Paradise

I also listed "Passenger" and "Dry Land" up in the lyrics section, actual lyrics forthcoming. ;)

04/01/98 Back from break and back from Boston.

Tara and Bill are married! Yes folks, the happy couple were married on March 12th, 1998. They're a fabulous couple and I wish them both the best.

NYC Tara Fans: Tara will be appearing TOMORROW (April 2nd) in the 2nd floor Music Room of Sam Goody in the Village (6th Ave. @ 8th St.) at 7 p.m. It's her only scheduled New York City performance and they're running a full page ad in the Village Voice (can anyone get me a copy?). It's free and open to all ages! I'd definitely suggest going if you can, Tara won't be appearing regularly for a while because...

She's going to start recording her new album! Wohoo! No release date yet, but I'll post it as soon as I find out.

03/08/98 Congratulations Tara! It's confirmed that she won the Canadian Radio Music award for Best New Artist in the Pop Adult category!

I put up the entire Tara VideoFashion segment in the multimedia section. Check it out! The clip is in the RealVideo format, so you'll need the player. Also, it's pretty big (2.7MB) but that should be nothing to those of you used to downloading South Park episodes.

02/26/98 Break out the piggybanks, Tara is going to appear on a new CD to benefit World Vision Canada. It's called 30 Hour Famine-A Benefit Compilation and also features stars such as Sarah McLachlan, Moist, The Tragically Hip, Tom Cochrane, and Sloan. Full details and track listings here.

02/22/98 Bad news for fans in San Diego. Tara has cancelled her scheduled performance at Java Joe's on the 8th of March. Most likely this is due to the fact that she's getting married on the 12th! ;) You can still catch her on the 7th at UCSD though...

For the lucky Vancouver fans, Tara will have a steady gig in April at the Railway club. Appearance dates are the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th at 10:00 pm.

Once again, Jessica has come through with the lyrics to the unreleased track Water. Thanks Jessica!

02/14/98 Happy Valentines Day! Tara has been nominated for a Canadian Music Industry Award in the "Pop Adult Best New Solo Artist" category. Good Luck Tara!

02/12/98 Tons and tons of tour dates:

  • Feb. 27th Seattle, WA @ The Tractor Tavern: 8:00 pm
  • Feb. 28th Portland, OR @ Key Largo
  • Feb. 28th Portland, OR @ Music Millenium Store: 3:30 pm
  • Mar. 3rd San Jose, CA @ The Agenda Lounge: 11:15 pm (!)
  • Mar. 4th San Francisco, CA @ Cafe du Nord
  • Mar. 5th West Hollywood, CA @ Luna Park: 10:30 pm
  • Mar. 6th Santa Barbra, CA @ Press Room
  • Mar. 7th San Diego, CA @ USCD (The Stage): 8:00 pm
  • Mar. 8th San Diego, CA @ Java Joe's: 10:30 pm
  • Mar. 18th Austin, TX @ Tropical Isle (SXSW Fest): 12 midnight
  • Mar. 21st Vancouver, BC (eh) @ The Vogue opening for Lisa Loeb

Thanks to Mia for the lyrics to Pretty and Becki for the lyrics to Better Things!

01/27/98 Updates, updates! Tara has cancelled her appearance at the WAPS benefit concert, and due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, it appears as though the concert will not be held at all. Here is a list of upcoming Tara performances, catch her when she's in YOUR area!

  • Feb. 4th @ Luna Park in Los Angeles, CA. Tara comes on at 10:30PM
  • Feb. 5th @ The Winsor Room Hyatt Hotel in San Diego, CA (5:15PM)
  • Feb. 5th @ Java Joe's in San Diego, CA (as if you didn't know that) (8:00PM)

01/26/98 Alright everyone, here's the scoop on the WAPS benefit concert! It'll be held at the Highland Theater in Akron on Saturday, February 28th 1998. Tickets will be $12 and will go on sale sometime in early February... I'll put up information as soon as I get it. Also appearing are David Grow and local artists Tracey Thomas and Macaw.

Video stills from the E! Videofashion show should be up sometime this week. I'm also probably going to put up multimedia clips soon. For those of you who didn't see it, it basically showed Tara and Bill shopping at Armani Express (or is that Exchange?) in NYC ending with clips from her performance at Match.

The lyrics for Calls To Nothing are up. Thanks to Jeof and Jessica! (Maybe I should just put together a "credits" page)

01/09/98 Hope everyone had a good holiday season and a happy new year!

The big news: Tara and Bill are apparently engaged with a wedding date of March 12th! Congratulations to both of them! I wish them good luck in their future together. Oh, just FYI: Bill proposed on New Years Eve.

The medium news: Tara's going to appear on E!'s "Video Fasion" show on January 10th at 10:30am EST. It'll also repeat on Monday, January 12th and Thursday, January 15th at noon. Set your VCRs and I'll try to put up vid caps as soon as I can.

The small news: I've put up the lyrics to the unreleased song Child. Thanks to Laurie for figuring them out.

12/18/97 Happy Holidays! I've recently been informed that Tara has been confirmed for a WAPS benefit concert to be held sometime in late Feb/March. Details as soon as I get them.

Tara and Bill are moving from their dwelling in Toronto to Vancouver. Guess everyone on the west coast will get to see her more often now!

11/25/97 There's a cool audio Tara interview at the JAMtv website, check it out here! Thanks to Issac Josephson for the interview and letting me know about it!

Also, if you scroll down to the bottom, you can listen to her entire performace at Schuba's in Chicago!!!

Finally, click here for the text to an interview published in the November 7th issue of Totally Adult.

11/18/97 Tara's new EP is out today! It's only $5 so buy one for yourself and pick a few up to give to friends!

I saw Tara perform at Wilbert's in the Flats last week, where she was selling her new T-shirt. It's navy with a blossoming flower and Tara MacLean in script on the front, with the circular design high on the back. Apparently one of Tara's friends painted the design, stating that the blossoming flower reminided them of Tara.

Also, there's a new postcard that has the "If You See Me" picture on the front. Silence has a new cover as well, basically it's the b&w (or sepia toned) image that graces the top of my navigation bar.

11/04/97 I recieved an e-mail from a representative of Nettwerk Records and was asked to remove the MP3s from my site. (sigh) Well folks, I didn't expect them to last forever... BTW: The cover art for "If You See Me" is in the discography section, check it out!

Also, Tara has added a ton of new tour dates... check here to see if she's appearing near you! Apparently Tara will be opening for THE CURE at the December 2nd Boston show!

Finally, in the madness of changing around the site, I failed to give credit for some of the multimedia to the hard work and dedication of the folks at the Lilith Fair site. It's recently been updated so stop by and let them know what a great job they've done keeping us updated and entertained.

10/26/97 Added the lyrics to Blinded, an unreleased track.

10/25/97 It's Tara's Birthday! Click here for the birthday page!

Tara's new EP "If You See Me" is going to be released on November 18th. It will contain the following tracks:

  • Evidence (Chris Lord Alge remix)
  • That's Me (Chris Lord Alge remix)
  • Calls To Nothing (Living Room Mix)
  • If Only (WCBN Live)
  • Evidence (Lilith Fair-Denver)

Also, thanks to the guys at WAPS for sending a few more pictures for the fan pictures section.

Finally, Tara's going to start (officially) touring again! Check here for more information.

9/22/97 Just an update on upcoming Tara performances:

  • Friday, 9/26: Tara will play a free show at Arlenes Grocery at Stanton/Ludlow St. in Manhattan.
  • Saturday, 9/27: Opening for Dan Bern at the Independence Seaport Museum Concert Hall in Philadelphia.

Guess Tara couldn't stand all the time off, eh?

9/07/97 Whew, time for an update, eh? Well, first off I've posted more pictures in the fan pictures section. Thanks to everyone who's contributed so far. Also, someone sent me a new article and there's a new .mov file from the Lilith Fair site.

And now, the news. I got a chance to talk to Tara during her August show at the Nautica stage. Tons of news! This month (supposedly) she's releasing an LP with new versions of "Silence". She also mentioned that there is a "dance" version of "Silence" in the works as well (!). Her new album should be out sometime in the spring and "Jordan" will, of course, be a single. Also, she performed a song never heard before, "Blinded". REALLY good tune, and I hope to have that up sometime in the near future.

8/11/97 I just posted "If Only" in the .mp3 format. Download it now in the multimedia section.

Still looking for titles of songs that aren't on the lyrics page. Can anyone help? Oh, I'm going on vacation next week so maybe an update this week followed by a little lull. Anyone got pictures to send in?

8/07/97 YES! I recieved permission to post the audio files, in their entirety, in the .mp3 format! Go to the multimedia section now to listen to "Jordan" and "Silence" a capella!

I was having difficulty getting the .mp3s to download correctly, so I had to zip them. I will also post these in the .sit format for Macintosh users soon.

8/06/97 I've just added a new fan pictures section where I'll post pictures that people have sent in. Join in the fun! Also, I added Tom Cochrane's CD to the discography along with pictures of the CD linear notes. Hope you like them.

I'll probably get the final word on posting the audio tomorrow afternoon. It's looking like I'll have to post in the Real Audio format. The quality suffers greatly, but I really don't want to deal with audio piracy issues right now. Thanks for your understanding.

8/03/97 Sorry I haven't updated the site in a while, this week has been absolute madness... anyway, I've added a few more links to other Tara MacLean pages.

Also, the audio files (when I get them done) are most likely going to be in the MP3 (MPEG Layer 3) format. If you don't have one already, you might want to grab a viewer. One of the best is winamp and the new macamp.

7/28/97 Wohoo! Chec